UPDATE from Ontario Film Office Los Angeles Rep – June 29, 2018

One of the most fascinating and significant Hollywood dramas ever continued to unfold this week with news that Walt Disney Co. and 21st Century Fox jointly set a new date — July 27 — for their shareholders to approve Disney’s proposed $71.3-billion takeover of Fox assets. As reported in the LA Times below, the move increases the pressure on Comcast to either raise its bid for the Fox assets or abandon its campaign.



The Times also reports that Comcast is thinking about teaming up with private equity investors in its pursuit of 21st Century Fox’s entertainment assets. As detailed below, that step may help it compete in an escalating bidding war.



California’s film and TV tax incentives were extended until 2025 this week. As detailed in the Hollywood Reporter below, the tax credit program will continue to provide a total of $330 million per year to eligible productions, with increased diversity efforts but little economic change from the existing scheme, which was set to expire in 2020.



The United States Supreme Court ruling this week that public service employees don’t have to pay union fees sent labor officials reeling. Deadline below reports that Hollywood guilds and unions have planted a flag of defiance.



Don’t let media consolidation, MoviePass drama or the President’s Twitter account distract you  from one of the biggest stories in Hollywood this summer: the quiet moves Apple is making to do to movies and TV shows what it once did to cell phones.  So says The Wrap, which has all the details on what it calls “Apple’s content harvest” below.



Finally this week, a good news story from Warner Brothers and the LA Times which reports that as Hollywood grapples with persistent criticism over its lack of diversity, major studios are experimenting with new ways to recruit underrepresented students