Telefilm Canada’s 50th Anniversary


On March 3, 1967, Telefilm Canada – formerly the Canadian Film Development Corporation – was born.

Since then, our passion for Canadian stories and talent has never stopped growing. Happy anniversary to all!

50 years of passion. 50 years of love for Canadian cinema. Thanks to you.

Watch their anniversary video to catch up on the History of Telefilm and learn some interesting facts. Over the years, Telefilm has invested $3.3 billion and funded approximately close to 6,200 productions.

Telefilm is committed to growing Canadian film production and nurturing talent in the years ahead through many initiatives, including their Micro-Budget Production Program, supporting films at international festivals, and focusing on international activity by better supporting, starting this year, the export of films budgeted at less than $2.5 million.

Telefilm has also committed, by 2020, to build a representative and diversified feature film portfolio that better reflects Canada’s population — including achieving gender parity in the key roles of director, writer and producer.