Statistics Canada has just released the 2009 statistics for Motion Picture Theatres.  For those who work in film or that perform work within motion picture theatres, you may find the following report highlights of interest.

  • Canadian cinemas entertained more movie-goers in 2009 which helped boost industry operating revenues despite the economic downturn.
  • The motion picture theatre industry recorded total operating revenues of about $1.5 billion, up 11.2% from 2008. At the same time, operating expenses rose by 9.6% – largely due to an increase in film rental costs and royalty payments.
  • The industry posted an operating profit margin of 11.9% in 2009, up from 10.7% in 2008.
  • Cinemas, including indoor theatres, drive-ins and film festivals, sold 114.4 million tickets in 2009, up 7.5% from 106.4 million the year before.
  • Total industry revenues from admission receipts reached $915 million, up from $826 million in 2008.
  • The largest expense reported by the surveyed theatres were film rental and royalty payments which represented 36.0% of total operating expenses. Since 2008, film rental costs and royalty payments have increased by 13.6%.
  • Ontario theatres dominated the country, earning 41% of total operating revenues in 2009. Quebec theatres accounted for 18%, while those in Alberta and British Columbia each represented 15%.
  • The top chain-operated theatres, ranked on the basis of operating revenues, continued to dominate the industry in terms of revenues, expenses and profit but also in terms of admission receipts, concession sales and attendance.
  • These large theatre chains represented 83% of the total national operating revenue in 2009, unchanged from a year earlier.
  • Operating revenues for the large theatre chains increased 11.8% from 2008, outpacing the 8.2% increase for the rest of the industry. At the same time, operating expenses were up 10.6% for the large theatre chains. As a result, these large theatre chains saw their profit margins increase slightly from 12.6% in 2008 to 13.5% in 2009.
  • The rest of the industry saw their profit margins rise as well. Profit margins for these theatres rose from 1.8% in 2008 to 7.6% in 2009.
  • The large theatre chains saw their admission receipts rise 13.1% from a year earlier. Admission receipts for the rest of the industry dropped 2.7% from a year ago.
  • The large theatre chains saw a 12.2% rise in the sales of food and beverages (concession sales) from 2008 to 2009, whereas the rest of the industry recorded a smaller increase of 5.8%.
  • Attendance levels for the large theatre chains reached 97.7 million up from 88.5 million in 2008. This helped to increase box office and concession sales. The large theatre chains accounted for 85.5% total attendance in 2009.

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