We are proud to report that we are successfully operating the Craftservice Daily Call system with our
own Call Steward. This follows over two years of invaluable help by the Local 873 Call
Stewards who handled our daily calls from the start.

Our ‘in house’ operation of the Call System has allowed us to closely review day to day use of the
system. As a result some serious issues have been found that must be fixed right away. Issues in regard
to Name Hiring and use of 6 Hour Calls are of most importance.

Please see the attached Bulletin and Guidelines that outline the correct use of the Daily Craftservice
Provider system.

It is important for everyone to use the Daily Call System correctly to ensure that Local 411 members
work first and that the work is fairly distributed. Doing anything else undermines you and your Union.

Craftservice Providers Hiring Protocol Guidelinesclick here.