Crew Manager Test Page

If you are a Producer, Production Manager or authorized representative of a production and are looking for availability information for 411 members, please click the category links below for availability lists.

*Please note: these lists do not contain member contact information.

For lists with phone numbers and/or email addresses, please contact the 411 office at 905-232-6411 or via email at or or

*To crew a Daily Craftservice call, please contact the IATSE Local 411 Call Steward at 416-850-7411.
Note: ALL Craftservice Daily calls must go through the 411 daily call system to be dispatched. Including  ‘Name Hires’ and ‘Key Replacements’.
For Call System Instructions for Crewing a Daily Craftservice Provider click here.

Member Availability Lists

(Public access version, no contact #’s)

Production Coordinator availability list

1st Assistant Production Coordinator availability list

2nd Assistant Production Coordinator availability list

Travel Coordinator availability list

Script Coordinator availability list

Craftservice – Driver availability list

Craftservice – Non Driver availability list

Honeywagon Operator availability list

Northern Members availability List

If you are a 411 member, simply login via the ‘Members Login’ menu tab above,  then go to the ‘Availability Lists’ tab on the members only section menu bar (which appears below the 411 header logo once you log in) to access lists with member contact information.

Members please note: * In order to provide productions with accurate availability lists, it is imperative that you report to the union office when you have been hired or if you have limited availability.


Member Resumes

Click on a name to download a PDF of that member’s resume. * If there is no pdf icon next to the name, then there is no resume to be downloaded for that person at this time.

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411 Members: Remember to send your updated resume in the 411 resume template format to to be posted on the website. Click here to be taken to the resources page where you can download a 411 resume template.  Pls Note: Members must log into the website to access the resources page.