Crewing & Availability

For Availability lists with phone numbers and/or email addresses, please contact the 411 office at 905-232-6411 or via email at

*To crew a Daily Craftservice call, please contact the IATSE Local 411 Call Steward at 416-850-7411.
Note: ALL Craftservice Daily calls must go through the 411 daily call system to be dispatched. Including  ‘Name Hires’ and ‘Key Replacements’.
For Call System Instructions for Crewing a Daily Craftservice Provider click here.

If you are a 411 member, simply login via the ‘Members Login’ menu tab above,  then go to the ‘Availability Lists & Resumes’ tab on the members-only section menu bar (which appears below the 411 header logo once you log in) to access lists with member contact information.